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Perfect for this time of year, Darling started with two men writing down their resolutions 12 months ago. Gary Harding and James McGuire’s previous band had just fallen apart, and the pair were looking for a new purpose. That led them to Gary’s parents' house, where they holed up to study the songwriting greats and hatch a new, sophisticated sound. As the tunes started to stream out, the Darling name arrived; soon it was time to get serious. “We confined ourselves to a studio environment for months and months with guitars and pianos, a seven-year-old Mac and some glitchy software trying to write stuff that moved us and was worthy of real pop music,” Harding would later explain. “We listened to the giants and studied them and wrote and wrote. We wanted to write music that would sound just as solid in 20 years.” ‘Echoes’ is an early effort, a pristine slice of the kind of adult pop that poured out of Britain in the ‘80s. No wonder Stephen Lipson, a producer who's previously worked his magic on Grace Jones, Pet Shop Boys and Ultravox, sat up and took notice upon hearing one of their demos. The Darling EP, released last October, is the immaculate fruit borne from their work in his West London studio. That they can transition from that environment to a live setting so seamlessly also bodes well.

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