Get Ahead in the Music Industry

Here's what they have to say

"I am a professional singer/songwriter from Cork, Ireland. I have toured all over the world working with American supergroup Operation: Mindcrime which consisted of members of well known bands like AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, Queensryche and more as well as fronting Rock band The Voodoos and also most recently releasing music under my own name. I attended the Hot Press MIX course a few years back and during the course I learned vital information that has really helped me with my knowledge of today’s music industry.I would highly recommend the course to any musician, artist manager or anyone looking to learn more about how the music industry works and to make amazing contacts that can really help you in the future."
Mark Daly, singer/songwriter

"Fantastic insight to the music industry and of course the business side of things with high profile guest speakers. Invaluable info and knowledge needed to help you make a living in music no matter what angle you take. I'm still implementing what I've learned from the 2014 MIX course as a full time performer, artist and sync writer. Highly recommended for anyone looking to seriously make a career in music. "
Stephen Cooper from Fly The Nest

"I attended the Hot Press MIX Course in 2013. The course was the gate way into my career within the music industry. It provided me with an understanding of all industries within Irish Music scene which for me is a contributing factor into my line of work. I found the experience very positive whilst networking with like-minded people. I would recommend this course to anyone hoping to have a career within the music industry." Michelle Whitehead, Michelle Whitehead PR

"We get to No1. on iTunes with the tricks and contacts we made on the Hot Press Mix Course. We've just released the first track since then in the UK. It's already being played by RTE Pulse & BBC 1 Xtra and is playlisted on Capital 1 Xtra. The Ray Foxx re–mix has been getting heavy club play in Ibiza and London. . . and we've also been told it's getting played in Dublin. We have no Management, Label or Publishers behind us (yet) and are essentially just using what we've learned."
Jason Coyle, Yasmin Kadi’s Manager

"The MIX course is a great idea. I wish there had been something like this when I was starting off in the music business"
Freddie Middleton, Music Consultant

"I’m always happy to be asked to participate in the MIX lectures. I’m really impressed with the interest the students show in the radio industry and how it relates to the music industry."
Willie O'Reilly, Chairman, iRadio

"What I like about the MIX course is that it makes us in the industry think through why we do certain things in a certain way. We just get used to doing it one way and it’s no harm to have to explain why. So the MIX course can be as challenging for the lecturers as it is for the students."
Alan McEvoy, business advisor to several top music industry stars

"I am a graduate from MIX '05. May I thank you for what was an extremely useful and well–structured course. It certainly opened my eyes and motivated me to pursue a career in the music industry."
John O'Neill, MIX Graduate, now music industry accountant

"I really enjoyed the MIX Course and would recommend it to anyone who wants to get an insider view of the workings of the music industry. It is an area I have always had a huge interest in and after completing the course (successfully thankfully!) I feel I am also armed with the knowledge to go about finding a suitable position within it."
Susanna Lagan, MIX Graduate

"Before I did the MIX course I thought the music industry was very, very complicated with a whole lot of companies doing all sorts of things that seemed to relate at times and at other times did not relate. But now, I have a much better overall view of how the music industry works. I enjoyed the lectures and I thought they were very honest and clear in what they were telling us."
Damien Halpin, MIX Graduate

"I learned so much and it has given me so much motivation to get into the music industry and (try..) to get successful!! It’s so beneficial to anyone that has an interest in the music industry because it shows the reality of the industry and you get so many different points of view. It’s been a great experience for me anyway! Thanks to everyone involved."
Claire Hearty, MIX Graduate

"For me, the MIX course provided an enlightening overview of the Irish music scene. The knowledge provided on how the industry functions is invaluable for anyone hoping to pursue a career in the area. The variety of different topics covered by experts in each field provides students with a wealth of relevant information."
Roisin Dwyer, The National Concert Hall

"The lecturers had a very direct approach and a terrific willingness to help that went way beyond the call of duty. Most of them gave their personal e–mail addresses in case anyone on the course needed to clarify anything from their lecture. They were so energetic and passionate about their work, and yet they told it as it really is. This course blew away the cobwebs for me and left me with a very clear and precise overview of the industry. If you need an ad slogan – IT MUST BE MIX!"
Lisa Curran, MIX Graduate